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Rule 63 - gravity falls by sounf Rule 63 - gravity falls :iconsounf:sounf 259 36 you are my one by cutgut you are my one :iconcutgut:cutgut 1,828 0 Partners in crime by nik159 Partners in crime :iconnik159:nik159 454 34 Spookies by cutgut Spookies :iconcutgut:cutgut 2,008 0 Treat Yourself by kata-009 Treat Yourself :iconkata-009:kata-009 3,619 122 Rica Emer by TelvonSticky Rica Emer :icontelvonsticky:TelvonSticky 2 0
Jurassic World (Tsukishima x M!Reader)
AN: So like I've been meaning to write this ever since the movie came out but yeah shit happens enjoy Tsukki being a precious dinosaur nerd
Tsukishima scowled at the smirking (h/c) haired teen in front of him. The other only returned his scowl with a shit-eating grin. "(Y/n)," he managed to ground out,"... Why are we at the movie theat-"
"Well it's our anniversary Tsu-chan! It's my gift to you~!"
"And that makes me happy but why are they here," he hissed while shooting a glare at his gathered team mates. Instead of answering the other teen just skipped to the box office and asked for two tickets for some movie. Tsukishima hadn't been close enough to hear it.
After the (interesting) adventure of buying snacks, all the teens found their desired seats. Tsukishima found it odd that his team purposely chose seats around him. He didn't dwell on it though once (y/n) happily entwined their hands.
"Are you gonna tell me
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make me proud. kageyama tobio x reader
Kageyama Tobio x Older Sister!Reader ;;
"Tobio. Can you toss for me?"
The young boy of 9 looked up to her older sister who gave him a small smile. He didn't mind giving tosses to her sister; it was fun — and it helped her practice. As far as he knew, his sister was volleyball player in her middle school and was the ace. She said she needed to work on her spikes, but he didn't understand why she needed to keep practicing it — considering that her spikes were the best. Well, in his opinion, anyway.
He shrugged his shoulders loosely. "Sure."
She grinned and went to the backyard, Tobio following in behind. And as they arrived in backyard, she turned to him, the grin still plastered on her face. "You ready?"
Tobio nodded his head and [Name] passed the ball to him and as the ball was coming towards him, he extended his arms up above his head, positioned his hands in a diamond formation, spread his feet about shoulder width apart, and as the bal
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Green little baby by Kwitchi Green little baby :iconkwitchi:Kwitchi 129 15 Ghiblitalia by Cioccolatodorima Ghiblitalia :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 4,029 231
Zootopia Nick Wilde x Reader Fanfiction (Part 5)
//(Y/N)’s POV//
‘Ahhh~ warm and fluffy~ I don’t wanna get up like, ever.’ this was the waking thought the wolf had while cuddling a red fox closely and tightly under a green blanket. He opened his eyes slowly and saw the red fox he was currently cuddling woke up aswell.
“Good morning Nicky~” the wolf said in a seductive tone of voice and kissed the fox on his forehead. The wolf then let go of Nick and went out of the bedroom, then going into kitchen.
“Want some coffee?” the wolf asked from kitchen while getting the coffee-machine ready.
“Yeah.” the fox responded back from the bedroom before shortly walking out of it and went to the living room, yawning the whole way there. Then he sat on the couch and started stretching his arms, then dropping them down on the soft couch.
//Nick’s POV//
‘So what to do today?’ the red fox thought sitting on the couch, drinking the recently made coffee with (Y/N) sitting next t
:iconpicmaker909:picmaker909 11 2
Zootopia Nick Wilde x Reader Fanfiction (Part 3)
//Nick’s POV//
Nick was overwhelmed with a variety of emotions which he could not bring into thoughts.
He just stood there and a memory from 4 years ago was playing in his head about him and (Y/N) talking about something.
‘Oh yeah.. He left for a couple years to study elsewhere because of his parents.’
“So, (Y/N) you don’t have anymore studies?” Nick asked arms crossed with that signature smirk of his.
“Yeah! And I’m gonna be living with you!” (Y/N) exclaimed with glee and walked over to Nick.
“What?” the fox wondered looking at the taller wolf standing in front of him. He wondered why the wolf picked him up by his waist. Then it hit him and showed on his face in the form of a fluttered face and a blush.
//Judy’s POV//
Judy who had been in the doorway as well, watched the scene of her partner, the most smuggest fox she has met, being cuddled by a wolf who was rubbing the side of their face against Nick’s and
:iconpicmaker909:picmaker909 16 2
Zootopia Nick Wilde x Reader Fanfiction (Part 2)
//Nick’s POV//
‘How more boring/irritating will it get?’
That question lingered with him when they entered the apartment building and they found out the receptionist out shopping because the sign reading “Out shopping” said so.
“The receptionist is out shopping? Weird.” Judy commented on the matter as they got closer to the elevator and pressed the elevator button.
“It’s normal in this building.” the fox with a sigh replied as the elevator arrived. That was when Nick started have a feeling of nostalgia as the elevator doors opened and the normally bland smelling elevator had a bit of a smell of familiarity and… warmth to him.
They stepped into the elevator and Nick tried to remember where he smelled that kind of smell before. His thoughts were cut short by a question of Judy asking how the day had been.
“Boring.” Nick answered frankly and with a dull tone of voice. This got a chuckle from the bunny. The eleva
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Haikyuu!! screencap redraw by FrostyPrince Haikyuu!! screencap redraw :iconfrostyprince:FrostyPrince 49 3 Chango Martinez by Tishalee133 Chango Martinez :icontishalee133:Tishalee133 3 0
Zootopia Nick Wilde x Reader Fanfiction (Part 1)
//???’s POV//
‘Nice weather~’
This was the first thought that came into the wolf’s head as they stepped out of the train to meet a busy and lively city called Zootopia.
“So, where’s the apartment building?” the wolf mumbled to himself while looking around and walking with a bit of swagger anyone would find even a little bit cute. The wolf walked for a couple of minutes and found and went into the apartment building and asked the receptionist where the room “303” was. They said it was on the third floor and asked if they were the other one moving into the apartment. The wolf then went into the elevator and went to the third floor.
“If this place is gonna be a mess, then i’m gonna have to…” the wolf stopped as they entered the dead husk of an apartment.
“...clean it.” they finished their sentence and took off the warm outdoor clothes and changed to a loose tank-top and knee-length shorts.
//time ski
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marshmellowXglumps's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied

I'm just your average person, so feel free to talk to me! I have no preference for pronouns, use whatever, I don't really care.

I will occasionally write here, mostly if I'm up to it, or feel inspired, but I will try to be relatively active nonetheless.

If you want to make a request, I would really rather you asked me through a note, or on the comment section of my profile, mostly because that way, I can keep better track of them.

I have certain rules for requests as well:

1-No Animal x Person/Child x Grown-up in a romantic sense. Platonic is fine, though.
2-Like I've said before, I am not keen on smut, so nothing of the sort.
3-I will not do requests with video-game characters, I am not very much of a gamer, and if I don't know the character well, it is extremely difficult to write.
4-Please give me some sort of sense in what you want, do not just say "Person A x Person B please" It makes it harder to write if I don't know what exactly you had in mind.

That is all, and please comply with these rules when requesting something!



Mermaid AU

Sousuke was crankier than usual, and (F/N) knew exactly why.

It was that time of year, the time in which the waters chilled, and food became a bit more scarce. The time in which most Merpeople migrated.

Of course, (F/N) didn't migrate, no, of course not, that just wasn't something his type did.

But his whale-shark of a boyfriend, Sousuke, did. 

It was a fact, whale sharks could not handle the change in climate, and needed to move to warmer waters, as soon as possible. Sousuke, though, was being stupid.

At least, in (F/N)'s opinion.

But it was undeniably true because, instead of preparing for the upcoming migration, Sousuke had decided that he would stay with (F/N) this year. In past years Sousuke had left (F/N), leaving the latter feeling lonely and upset for months on end, but he would never mention that to him when he came back, so there had never been a problem.

Until this year.

Rin (that idiot) had told Sousuke about just how sad (F/N) got when he left, which triggered a chain of long conversations (and a bit of crying here and there). The outcome of this ended up being that Sousuke had decided to stay.

And, (F/N) will admit, he was pretty happy when he heard the news at first, but as time passed, he noticed that this wasn't helping anyone.

Like now, for example.

(F/N) watched Sousuke, who, for the past hour or so, had been grumpily re-arranging their bed of kelp and seaweed, something he only did when something was bothering him.


The mer in question looked up stiffly, looking at (F/N) with tired eyes, "Yes?"

(F/N) swam down towards him, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. "Sousuke, I think you should go." He said, worried.

Sousuke's eyes widened, looking hurt, almost, before (F/N) quickly corrected himself. "I mean, not like that! Just..." He sighed, "I think you should go on migration. I heard the wave leaves tomorrow-"

"What!? I'm not going to leave you, (F/N)!"

(F/N) shrugged, "You've done it before, I don't get why this is any different"!"

"Because I know that you were hurting! And I need to correct that!"

"Sousuke, c'mon. We both know that you're not made for staying in colder waters. You have to go."

The other scoffed, "I don't have to do anything, (F/N)."

The silence that ensued was gross and made the couple moods sour by a tenfold. It wasn't often they fought, and when they did, it was usually over trivial problems. Their fights were usually loud, but you knew something was wrong when you hear their shared pod go silent.

(F/N) started swimming to another area of the pod, but stopped. Without turning around, he said silently: "It's not healthy going against primal instincts." and swam off.


The evening that followed was awkward and uncomfortable, but (F/N) did catch Sousuke packing up a few of his items, so he guessed that he took his advice, but wondered mutely if he was going to say goodbye. Especially after their fight.

It's a sad thing, knowing that your last words with someone were spiteful, even if they're only leaving for a few months.

The sight of Sousuke sitting on a nearby rock snapped (F/N) out of his thoughts, as he wordlessly swam toward him. 

Sousuke's things were sitting next to him, and he seemed to not take notice of (F/N)'s presence. Until he spoke up.


Sousuke blinked up at him, before looking back down. (F/N) huffed and sat next to him, tail bending oddly. 

"You're such an idiot."

Sousuke's head whipped towards him, gills flaring slightly, "Excuse me!?"

(F/N) simply rolled his eyes. "You shouldn't hold yourself back just because I'm lonely, Sou."

"I'm not holding back." He muttered, looking away, but (F/N) quickly grabbed his chin, turning him to look at him.

"Sousuke, just go."


"Sousuke, please."

Sousuke flinched, but grabbed his things, and leapt off the rock.

"Goodbye, (F/N). I love you."

He left, not waiting for an answer.


The school of fellow whale sharks chatted warmly to each other occasional laughing erupting here and there.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time, especially since they just started, and they were all well rested and prepared for the times to come.

Everyone except Sousuke.

He wandered at the very back of the group, not talking to anyone, brooding in silence. 

"Yo, Sousuke! How's it goin' man! Long time no see!"

Sousuke jumped at the sudden noise directed at him, before nodding, "Oh. Saito."

Saito Kenjirou was an old pod-mate of Sousuke's, from when he was just a pup. He was big and flamboyant and definitely too loud for Sousuke's taste.

"Tch. So rude to your dear friend!" Saito mocked, feigning hurt.

Sousuke rolled his eyes and continued swimming, leaving a jeering Saito behind. Though, it seemed that he soon realised he was being left behind, and quickly caught up.

"So, where's your little buddy?"

"My what?"

"You know, you're buddy."

Sousuke's brows furrowed, but realisation dawned upon him, "...You mean, (F/N)?"

Saito's face lit up, as he snapped his fingers. "Yes! That one! Rin told me you were bringin' him."

"Rin said what!?"

Saito raised his hands as if surrendering. "Oi, don't shoot the messenger."

But Sousuke wasn't listening, the cogs in his brain whirring. Suddenly, his eyes widened and he shot up excitedly. He had a rather intense smile splayed across his face, as he shoved his stuff onto a very confused Saito. "Um-wha-"

"Take my stuff! Tell everyone to go a bit slower, okay!?"


"No time!"


(F/N) was searching idly through coral for shells, something he would normally do when he was bored. It had been a while since Sousuke left, but the feeling of loneliness and dread filled.

(F/N) let out a huff, pinching the bridge of his nose. "God, (F/N), you're such a wimp. You tell him to leave, but you act all sad. Tch, how pathetic."

"That's not the nicest thing to call yourself."

(F/N) felt his heart stop for a second, as he tensed. Slowly, he turned around, only to find Sousuke. Part of him wanted to jump up in glee at the fact that he came back, the other part, though-

"Sousuke what the fuck are you doing here."

Sousuke glared, before shrugging. "Well, I guess you don't want to see me." He said, swirling around as if to leave, but curiosity soon came over (F/N). "Wait!"

Sousuke stopped but stayed where he was.

"...Why did you come back?"

The whale shark, paused, before turning slightly. "(F/N)...I- Do you want to come with me on migration?"


Sousuke drooped slightly, all the courage he's accumulated to ask (F/N) evaporation, as he started making his way back to the others, when-

"YOU BIG OAF, OF COURSE, I WANNA' GO!" Cried (F/N), who had practically tackled Sousuke into a nearby rock. Sousuke laughed, something that (F/N) hadn't heard in a while, and before he knew, he was laughing as well, eyes welling up a bit.

Now, this was going to be an adventure.


(F/N) sighed contently, leaning back on a bed of exotic sea-plants, a grin making itself onto his face. Sousuke was next to him lying on the sun-warmed sand of the coast. It was a bit odd at first, being virtually the only non-whale shark in the area, apart from a few fish. But soon enough he had befriended the majority.

"Ah, now this is the life for me."

Sousuke gave him a look, before going back to his basking. (F/N) got up, crossing his arms and pouting, "Oi, what's that face for!?"

The other shrugged not looking up, even when (F/N) began shaking his shoulder, "Heeeeey, don't ignore me." He said, poking Sousuke's cheek when suddenly, Sousuke grabbed his wrist, and in one swift movement, he pinned (F/N) against the sand. (F/N) blushed profusely, but still managed to smirk.

"You could'a just told me you were horny."

Sousuke rolled his eyes, before encasing (F/N) in a soft, but passionate, kiss.

"Shut up."

/Request/ Shut Up~ Sousuke Yamazaki x Male! Reader
This is honestly so late I actually want do die. I want apologize profusely to :icondireredemption: and thank them for requesting this, again I'm terribly sorry for the delay!

Welp tbh im not sure how i feel about this???? i honestly had zero creative flow while writing this so its prolly really choppy. 

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

To be honest, it took a while for (F/N) to notice.

After hours of brutal and gruelling practice, everyone was quick to retire to the locker rooms and shower, all except for (F/N), who was sitting on a nearby bench, his eyes glaring holes into Sousuke's swimming form. His eyes narrowed, trying to figure what was different about the other.

Suddenly, he stood up, a loud "AHA!" coming from him, as if he was just hit by an epiphany.

Well, it was something like that.

He wasted no time and he swiftly moved towards the edge of the pool, and just as Sousuke reached that end and was about to flip and start again, he threw one of the empty plastic bottles at him.

"Oi! What was that for!?"

(F/N)  huffed, "Get out of the pool, you dimwit. You're gonna' tire yourself out."

Sousuke raised an eyebrow, before taking (F/N)'s extended hand and hauling himself out of the pool, making the other stumble a bit.

They reached the locker rooms in silence, but (F/N) couldn't shake the of something being off. Without a word being said, Sousuke walked towards the shower that were practically seeping steam from its previous users.

(F/N) didn't take his eyes if of Sousuke even as he took off his swimsuit, not yet convinced that he was fine.

His eyes searched for the answer, scanning his body to the point for Sousuke to notice.

"Could you not-"

"Your shoulder!"

Sousuke blinked, "What about it?"

His boyfriend let out an annoyed grunt before practically running into the shower with him, still clad in his swimsuit. "Wha-? (F/N) what are you doing?!"

"You've been over-working your shoulder, Sousuke! It's all swollen and red!"

Sousuke looked away, "I'm fine."

"Like Hell you are!" (F/N) replied, glaring at him. Sousuke felt himself shudder a bit at the intensity, but soon, reluctance came over him.

"It started acting up in the morning, it's not bothering that much, anyway." He said finally, though still not looking at him directly.

(F/N) sighed shaking his head, before taking Sousuke's head in his hands forcing him to look at him. "I don't care if it's not bothering, Sousuke. You tell me these things, okay? Here, I'm gonna' rub some cream on it."

Sousuke's eyes shot open, "OI! I'm still naked!"

(F/N) winked, "That hasn't stopped us before."

Sensing (F/N)?s sudden change in mood, Sousuke smirked, wrapping his arms around the other's waist, "Oh really?"

In one swift movement, (F/N)'s lips were on his, and Sousuke let out a groan as the other rubbed himself on him. He soon took dominance in the kiss, pressing (F/N) against the wall, the water of the still going shower trickling down on them sensually.

They soon parted, panting softly, when (F/N) snorted, "The second your shoulder acts up again, I'm taking you to the doctor, until then," He paused, his lips turning up in a sly grin, "Do your worst."

Sousuke's smirk widened.


/Request/ Deal~ Sousuke Yamazaki x Male! Reader
soooo this was a request for :icondireredemption: , hope you enjoyed it!

i had lots of fun writing this so yea
lol going through my older journals is making cringe and it's only been a year

I want to apologise for my unannounced hiatus. When I realised I was not going to post for a while, it was already too late. So I'm very sorry.

I don't plan on continuing or making any work in the Zootopia fandom anymore (unless it's a request), mostly because I'm not in it anymore.

I might post more fics, but it's mostly if I'm up to it or not, but if you would like to check out my other works in  my Ao3 profile, in which I'm much more active, you're free to. (I don't post xReader fics there, though.)

Also, I'm 100% more active on my Tumblr, so if you want to talk to me and become frieeeends I'm more online there~

Once again, I'm very sorry.

Have a nice day, evening or night~

now i feel ten times worse im so sorryyyyyyyyyyyy



(F/N) blinked the tears that were forming away, not remembering why he was crying even. He didn't really remember anything. Though, he had a feeling he didn't really want to know. Sure, every now and then, blurry images would pop out in his mind, yet he couldn't really decipher what they were.

Obviously, though, he knew that he'd done something. He was tied up. And alone. And in a straight jacket.

Maybe they'd let him out soon.

I mean, they'd have to.

And just then, he heard the door click. He didn't move, it was probably one of the guards delivering his food again. He found no reason to get his hopes up. When a voice snapped him out of his brooding.

"What the fuck Judy!?"

(F/N) tensed. Nick. Nick was there. He was alive.

'Why wouldn't he, though? If he's such an important member of the cops.', grumbled (F/N)'s mind.

"-Nick! Listen to me!"

"No, Judy! How could you! Didn't you want everyone to live a happy life!?"

"Nick! He is a criminal! He sells drugs and weapons for a living!"

Nick snorted, looking to the side, "If you were in his position you'd do the same."

Judy glared at Nick. "So what is his position, Nick. Because last time I checked, he was a rich mafia lea-"

"You don't know anything, Judy!"

"Well then tell me, Nick!"

Nick glared daggers, "That is none of your busine-"

A chuckle interrupted their dispute. And another. Until it turned into full-fledged laughing. The two of them turned slowly as if scared of what was causing the sound.

"You know, it's hard to laugh with a muzzle, Judy-dear."

Judy gasped, pointing an accusing finger towards (F/N). "H-How?"

(F/N) sniggered, throwing the straight jacket to whatever place, leaving him clad in his pants. "You know, this really shouldn't be a surprise."

Without uttering another word, he walked slowly towards them, a cheery grin plastered on his face, and when he reached them, Nick felt a shiver go down his back as Judy took an apprehensive step back.

(F/N) looked at Nick, his (E/C) eyes watching him in an almost loving manner. Finally, just as Judy was going to call the force, (F/N) let out a tired sigh.

"It was my utmost pleasure meeting you, Nick Wilde. I do hope we meet again."

And with that, he gave Nick a soft and sweet kiss, leaving him wide-eyed and bashful. Turning to Judy, (F/N)'s eyes hardened. "As for you, bunny girl, take care of this fox. Unless you want your family to become significantly shorter. Y'know, the same thing you did to me."

And with that last salty remark, he was gone.

Judy was quick to recover from her shock, as she was about to go running after him, but Nick put a paw on her shoulder. She blinked, about to shout at Nick for carelessness, but her mouth closed as she saw the melancholy gaze he held.

"Let him be, Judy. I don't think he'll cause any more harm."


Nick felt himself smile as he reminisced his past. He sat in an old pub, downing his second beer. Ten years have passed since then, and he was taking a short break from the force, and what better way to spend it than

He found no need to turn his head when he felt someone sit beside him on the pub's counter. Whoever sat beside him ordered his drink in a gruff voice, before stretching his arms, yawning.

Nick snorted, "Rough day, huh?"

The guy beside him, a wolf, he noticed, paused for a second, glancing at Nick, before nodding, "Something like that."

The wolf wore a large cloak, the hood covering most of his face, except for his muzzle. If there wasn't a pounding rain outside, Nick would've found the clothing choice rather odd, but he was too tired to even consider.

Another silence filled the air between them, as the bartender passed the wolf his drink. Nick watched the wolf guzzle down the drink, before stretching his paw out. 

"Nick Wilde."

The wolf stopped drinking, putting the beer mug down.Turning his head, the cloak's hood fell, revealing an all too familiar face.

"I know who you are, FoxyPoo~ We have an awful lot of things to catch up on, hm?"


Nick Wilde x Wolf!Male!Reader (Pt.7 Finale)
hahahah its been too long huh? Sorry for not posting, i guess i just lost my passion, but cant just leave you guys hanging so~~

sorry if this seemed rushed or bad, like i said, i havent really felt up to it lately heh...

I want to apologise for my unannounced hiatus. When I realised I was not going to post for a while, it was already too late. So I'm very sorry.

I don't plan on continuing or making any work in the Zootopia fandom anymore (unless it's a request), mostly because I'm not in it anymore.

I might post more fics, but it's mostly if I'm up to it or not, but if you would like to check out my other works in  my Ao3 profile, in which I'm much more active, you're free to. (I don't post xReader fics there, though.)

Also, I'm 100% more active on my Tumblr, so if you want to talk to me and become frieeeends I'm more online there~

Once again, I'm very sorry.

Have a nice day, evening or night~

now i feel ten times worse im so sorryyyyyyyyyyyy



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